25 May 2017

A conference on Documentary Theatre – Call for paper/ Narrative Presentation

Documentary theatre has been introduced into the Chinese theatre scene only recently. Pants Theatre Production in Hong Kong is one of the few theatre companies with focus on this particular form. In July 2017 it will hold a documentary theatre conference facilitating the exchange of overseas and Hong Kong artists. Scholars, practitioners, students from overseas and Hong Kong who are interested in documentary theatre are welcome to join while there will be sessions for academic researchers or theatre artists to present their papers or their creative experience.

Language for Paper/Narrative Presentation

Written in Chinese or English; Presented in Cantonese, Mandarin or English.

Method of Submission

Before 16 June  2017, please submit:
1) Application Form;
2) A Short Biography of the participant;
3) An Abstract of the Presentation within 500 words
Final Presentation Paper

Approximately 5,000 words (the oral presentation will be finished within 20 minutes with normal reading speed.)
Final Submission of the Paper: 30 June 2017

For application form and details, please click here.