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Starting from staging classic documentary theatre work to producing local documentary theatre like 1967 and Once upon a time in Choi Yuen Chuen, Pants Theatre Production devotes itself into developing documentary theatre in Hong Kong, responding to the society through theatre. It comes to a time to reflect and distill the experience we have gathered these years, that is how the first Documentary Theatre Festival in Hong Kong begins.

2017 could be a summary of documentary theatre in Hong Kong, yet a new chapter is waiting to begin.


Mr Hoi-fai Wu, artistic director of Pants Theatre Production and Ms Sim-fong Lai, dramaturg of the documentary theatre festival, will conduct in-depth study trip about documentary theatre.
The first Documentary Theatre Week will be hosted for a week, which consists of play-reading, master classes and an international symposium.
Three emerging theatre groups cooperate with their dramaturgs, focus on the real characters and happening in Hong Kong, and create their own documentary theatre belongs to this era.
2017, 50th anniversary of 1967 riot, Pants Theatre Production ends the Festival with the re-run of its acclaimed production.

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