More than a decade ago, when I heard about documentary theatre for the first time, it opened a new horizon for me. At that time after working in the theatre scene for years, the theatre seemed to me alienated from the reality outside theatre. Documentary theatre can serve as a bridge to re-connect the theatre and the social reality. I read the script and saw the movie of the documentary theatre masterpiece The Laramie Project. With a vague idea of how it was made, I ventured to create my first documentary theatre play about a young boy’s murder. I began to do my research but it didn’t go well and the project was not realized. I was not fully aware of the challenge of documentary theatre. Documentary theatre was almost unheard of in Hong Kong at that time. I was eager to learn but there was no one whom I can seek advice from. I decided to hold this Documentary Theatre Festival, so that someone like me will have a door to open. I am most grateful for the Arts Capacity Development Fund making it possible.

Hong Kong is a vibrant city, full of interesting people and stories, which may well be the starting point of documentary theatre works. I hope that the Documentary Theatre Festival will draw the attention of more fellow artists and audience. Thus documentary theatre will take roots in Hon Kong, while its content will be enriched and its boundary will be pushed. I wish to see more original documentary theatre works in Hong Kong, creating more bridges to connect the society and the theatre and closing up its gap.


Hoi-fai Wu

Artisitic Director, Pants Theatre Production